Best Game of the Year!

Last night Major League Baseball hosted a regular season game alongside the set of the classic movie Field of Dreams. The Chicago White Sox took on the New York Yankees in a a nearly perfect night of baseball.

Kevin Costner revised his role as Ray Kinsela to play the part of master of ceremonies. The Fox Sports broadcast had the camera angles well planned. The crowd was super excited. Players on both sides were having fun, looking just as happy as the fans and making an impressive appearance through the outfield corn. Giancarlo Stanton even took the field with a few ears stuffed into his pockets. The field looked amazing.

Scoring was back and forth, complete with multi-run homers from Yankees sluggers Stanton and Aaron Judge. A bottom-of-the-ninth come from behind victory on a longball sealed the game’s storybook ending.

Well done, baseball. I’m still applauding.

I wonder if the Dodgers would consider traveling to Utah to play on the Sandlot field next year?