The Other Cards of My Collection

When I’m not working on my primary collecting interests (1993 Finest and 1952 Topps set building) I enjoy other cards. These pursuits include a trio of limited edition insert sets from 1991-2001 and the components of my wallet card project. All of these can be explored in further detail in the links below.


Finest Origins was an insert set randomly inserted into packs of 2001 Finest. The cards represent an attempt by Topps to add rookie cards of popular players to the landmark 1993 set. Of course, refractor versions were also issued in limited quantities. While there have been several retrospective editions since the 1993 release, only these 2001 refractors capture the look of the original. The deep gloss, accurately reproduced rainbow effect, and attention to design elements all combine to make them look right at home with their predecessors. I consider these cards to be an extension of the 1993 set that I am building. Completion status: 15 of 15 (100%).


These cards achieved almost mythical status when first released in 1991. Astronomically long odds of pulling even a single example made them the most popular chase of the year. Super condition sensitive borders make a decent collection just as difficult to piece together today. Completion status: 5 of 10 (50%)


Each year on my birthday I place a few themed cards into my wallet. They get absolutely destroyed as they are carried around and look terrific with their creases and damaged corners.


Cards that don’t quite warrant an entirely separate series of posts. [Links to be added as writeups are completed]