Could This Be the Best Expo/Nats Second Baseman?

What if you were asked to name the best second baseman in Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals history?

Delino Deshields was one of the mainstays of he talent-rich Expos of the late 1980s/early 90s. His 463 career stolen bases rank well ahead of most players and made him beloved by fans. His early leadership on multiple issues placed him above other players as well, and I imagine we’ll see him managing a club at some point. He was traded to the Dodgers by the 1994 season, cutting his time in Montreal short. This abbreviated tenure and a mid-level bat make him a notable part of Expos history but probably not the best to take the field at second.

While Howie Kendrick only played four years with the Nats, he made the most of them. Kendrick is best remembered for helping bring a World Series Championship to Washington in 2019. Batting .294 with 127 homers and 31 wins above replacement, he was clearly a good ballplayer. However, aside from the seasons leading up to the World Series he played most of his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Daniel Murphy may get a few votes, having played a couple of his most productive seasons with Washington. Murphy doesn’t quite stack up given his limited playing time for the Nationals. There is another player with similar stats and a decade of service in Montreal/Washington.

Jose Vidro is likely the top second baseman in the team’s history. He logged the highest career batting average of the above candidates, hit consistently with decent power, and steadily racked up more wins above replacement in Montreal/Washington colors than any other player at his position. He helped anchor the transition of the team to Washington, playing his final two years with the club after the move.

Not MLB all-time great numbers, but definitely a solid player at a position not known for production.