Fonzie Trivia

Here’s a bit of baseball bar trivia to store away: Infielder Edgardo Alfonzo put up more wins above replacement for the Mets than either Mike Piazza or Keith Hernandez. Right away this tells you that “Fonzie” qualifies as really good. Here’s another one: His franchise offensive and defensive WAR totals rank 7th and 6th among all players in Mets uniforms, showing excellence on both sides of the game. Furthermore, he ranks in the team’s all-time top-10 for games, hits, average, doubles, total bases, RBIs, and walks despite barely playing 10 years in the majors.

He delivered in the post season as well, hitting a home run in his first plate appearance and setting the franchise record for postseason hits. He remains a New York fan favorite but his name recognition doesn’t carry too far from the region. Longevity proved a bit illusive as most of his production came in a 4-5 year window.

162 Game Pace657.0.28415.780.05.764.110.1%.3443.2
Front of card: That looks like an awkward way to carry a bat. The Shea Stadium seats in the background of the reverse photo are a nice touch.