June 2021

June was a productive set-building month. Joining the collection are a Dominque Wilkins rookie, an above average condition Hank Bauer, a half dozen new 1993 refractors, and a seventh that replaces a lower grade card. I even picked up a copy of the film Moneyball.

New Additions:

The Wilkins rookie reunites me with one of the two ’86 Fleer cards I had while growing up. The Bauer matches one I had signed as a kid when he made an appearance at a local military installation. The refractor purchases effectively cleaned out the inventory of one of my preferred sources. I’m expecting purchases to tail off over the next few months as inventories are replenished and I wait for other sources to open up. One pick-up I am happy about is the Dave Fleming card. While I already had a copy, it was far from being in an attractive condition. This card has much brighter colors, sharper corners and, most importantly, hasn’t turned green.

Quarterly Changes in PSA Graded Populations

I follow the fluctuations in graded populations for several of the sets I collect. Below appear the observed changes of the past three months.

1993 Finest Refractors25,63025,668+38+0.1%Momentum continues to slow with nearly half the print run already graded. One of the 38 reviewed in Q2 was a Charlie Hayes card I submitted.
1986 Fleer Basketball271,869284,872+13,003+4.8%806 Jordan rookies were graded in Q2 (almost 9 per day)
1991 Donruss Elite903940+37+4.1%Odd…the Andre Dawson population actually shrank by 2 cards
2001 Finest Origins Refractors106108+2+1.9%New Jeter/Rodriguez PSA 9’s appeared