The Most Successful Politician in ’52 Topps

Johnny Wyrostek may have had the most successful political career of anybody appearing in the 1952 Topps set. He ran unopposed for local office in his hometown in 1959. Eight years later he ran for mayor and won, serving five consecutive terms and easily outpacing the length of his 11 years in Major League Baseball.

At the time his 1952 baseball card was printed he had established himself as a capable outfielder and was coming off his best season. A slow start to the ’52 campaign prompted the Cincinnati Reds to send him to the Philadelphia Phillies in mid-season trade. Topps would end up depicting every player involved in the transaction as a member of the Reds in the 1952 set.

Another Interesting Wyrostek Card

I really like Johnny Wyrostek’s 1950 Bowman card. Unlike most with paintings of players walking the grounds of Major League stadiums, this one has him in front of a red brick wall. Perhaps it is unique the brick exterior of Shibe Park in Philadelphia. The card’s back recounts the numerous trades that put him on Cincinnati’s roster and shows that he had most recently played for Philadelphia. The logo that is almost visible on his shirt looks more akin to the Phillies than the Reds. Perhaps it was no surprise that he found his way back to Philadelphia during the ’52 season.