The Baseball Card of He Who Shall Not Be Named

I have nothing good to say about this guy and I will pretty much leave it at that. Here are his stats:

The Card

This has always been a high demand rookie card from the ’52 Topps set. It’s not one of the better looking cards in the set, as the photo appears washed out on every single example I have come across. Martin was always a thin guy and his baggy Yankees uniform and positioning of the name plate amplifies the visual effect of his size. Look at his left elbow in the picture below and marvel at how much extra space there is in his jersey sleeve.

This particular example was purchased from Greg Morris cards, an online dealer with a reputation for trustworthy assessment of card condition. I’m confident they got this one right when it was labeled as “poor.” The centering is off, a few light creases rise up from the bottom, the corners are shot, there is mud on both sides of the card, a bug chewed through part of the right border, and much of the back is still stuck to a scrapbook somewhere else. The card works for my collection, as the only consideration for checking card #175 off my list was price.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash my hands and get a tetanus shot.