Catcher v. Catcher

Ed Fitz Gerald may be the only catcher to hit a home run off another catcher. Used throughout most of his career as a backup, the Pirates catcher came to the plate with 1 out in the 8th inning of an 8-2 game. The visiting Phillies had already given up 3 runs in the inning and deemed the game a likely loss. Rather than continue to burn through the bullpen, Philadelphia sent their backup catcher Al Lakeman to the mound. Fitz Gerald sent the first pitch over the fence to make the game 11-2. Lakeman went on to retire the next two batters and Fitz Gerald went on to hit 18 more homers over the next 12 seasons.

1952 Topps #236 Ed Fitz Gerald. Note that his name is correctly spelled “Fitz Gerald” and not “FitzGerald” as frequently appears on his other cards.